A Spectroscopy and Analytical Chemistry Consulting Firm

Mission Statement:

A team approach to provide our clients with the best solutions to improve quality, processing, and profitability in the chemical, agricultural, food, biomass, consumer products, and health care industries, while emphasizing the utilization of our substantial expertise in spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, hyperspectral imaging, microscopy, and microbiology.

Light Light Solutions

We are a small, independent consulting firm with an emphasis and focus on problem solving. Our goal is to help industry and government fill the void created by the loss of in-house expertise. The areas in which we are focused include agricultural feedstock and products, personal care products, as well as general analytical chemistry and microbiology.

Our main areas of expertise is in spectroscopy with specialization in vibrational spectroscopy, that is, near-infrared, mid-infrared, and Raman spectroscopy, in addition to uv-visible and fluorescence methods. We have many years experience in general analytical chemistry, chemometrics, microscopy and microspectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, and microbiology.